Mobile Home Plumbing Repair

When It Comes To Mobile Home Plumbing Repair, Not All Plumbing Contractors Are The Same. Here’s Why:

Did you know that many plumbing contractors prefer not to work on mobile homes or do not understand the nuances that make a mobile home plumbing repair unique to conventional built-in homes? Richard Fox Plumbing has experience with over 5,000 mobile home plumbing repairs and repipes throughout Lakeland and Central Florida.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose us.

  • We never charge for estimates or for the trip to come out and see you.
  • We’ll explain the job step-by-step to you and also point out everything we will be doing in and around your home. If we need to make any holes, we will explain where and why. If you have any questions we encourage you to ask us. We do not like to start any repair job until you fully understand what we will be doing.
  • If applicable, we’ll offer alternative options for your job with the intent to help in meeting your specific needs.
  • We do not invoice or collect payment until the job is complete.
  • All of our jobs are permitted and inspected by a city or county inspector.
  • We will remove all visible polybutylene pipes (see below why this is important) through out the home and underneath and will replace all with CPVC piping. The CPVC pipe we use are picked up from the local supply house the day before the job is to be completed, so that you are not getting any old dried piping that’s been sitting in a personal warehouse from other left over jobs.
  • We will replace all shut off valves inside the home with chrome shut off valves and will replace all sinks, toilets, refrigerator, and dishwasher supply tubes. This means everything is replaced all the way up to each fixture throughout the home, nothing is re-used.
  • Accesses will be needed behind all shower fixtures, and we will cut all holes with a level to insure all panels are correctly measured to a close to perfect square that will allow for a visibly pleasing replacement cover.
  • We remove all trash from the premises so that your home looks as good as when we started the project. We’ll haul away all of our waste so that you don’t have to worry about it being on your property until trash day.

Why should a homeowner with Polybutylene Water Pipe (also known as Poly Pipe) think about a re-pipe?

There was a class action lawsuit approx. 10yrs ago stating that the Polybutylene Water Pipe was defective. This class action lawsuit has since expired leaving homeowners to fix this problem themselves. Also, with the rise in property development, the municipality is forced to raise the water pressure to keep up with the growing economy. The rise in water pressure along with defective Polybutylene Water Pipe can lead to water lines bursting resulting in house floods/mold damage.

No Trip Charges For Lakeland & Polk County. Free Estimates Too.

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