Sewer Repair Service

Fast & Efficient Sewer Repair Service in Lakeland and Central Florida

Sewer issues should never be overlooked by any homeowner. Do you suspect sewer problems on your property? You may notice sewer main problems by a strong odor coming from your plumbing fixtures, sewage coming up through the shower drain, gurgling from your toilet, or even puddles of sewage in your lawn.

In some instances, a video camera will be used to physically view the inside of the sewer pipe to help determine the problem. For situations where a physical blockage is causing the problem, such as a child’s toy that has traveled down the pipe and gotten caught, we have tools that can go into the pipe and retrieve the blockage. However, if the camera shows a cracked or collapsed pipe, then the best and only option is to physically replace that section of sewer pipe.

What could cause a sewer pipe to crack or collapse? A number of things could be the problem, such as water/nutrient seeking tree or plant roots can make their way into the joints of the sewer pipe and expand inside the pipe. Constant driving over the sewer pipe can cause pressure cracks or pipes to collapse. Or it can be as simple as old cast iron that has eroded from excessive use of chemical drain cleaners.

With any situation regarding your sewer pipes, call Richard Fox Plumbing first. We are available 24/7 and always respond with an exact time on when to expect us. We may deal with plumbing problems daily, but you don’t. Let us relieve theses problems for you and put your family at ease.