Slab Leak Locate/Replace

Fast & Efficient Slab Leak Locate and Repair in Lakeland and Central Florida

How do you know if you have a Slab Leak problem? Do you hear the sound of running water when all your water is turned off? Do you have unexpected allergies, which could be the result of mold growing through out your walls. Do you notice a difference in texture of your wall or chipping paint at the base near the floor? This could be water soaking up into the dry wall. Are certain areas of the floor hotter then other for no expected reason? This could be a result of a busted hot water line underneath the slab. Is your water bill excessively high with no source of water leaking water to be seen? This could be an indicator of busted water line underneath the slab.

If you feel any of these situations apply to you, step outside and check your water meter. If your water meter is spinning without any known faucets or toilets being used then it is a good possibility there is a leak somewhere and needs to be located quickly. Richard Fox Plumbing offers free estimates or evaluations on all jobs. Once we have discovered the problem, we will present your options to you on how we can fix the problem.

Options to fixing a Slab Leak:

  • Some slab leaks can be Spot Repaired, this involves us opening up the slab and fixing the water pipe at that specific location. This can be a less expensive route when dealing with newer constructed houses/buildings
  • When dealing with older constructed houses/buildings the better option may be to go ahead and re-pipe the entire water line that is leaking.