Drain Cleaning

Fast & Efficient Drain Cleaning in Lakeland and Central Florida

Have you ever wondered what is beyond the drain of your tub or kitchen sink and exactly where does it all go? Underneath your floor is well laid out system of pipes that all connect to a bigger pipe that connects to a bigger pipe and so on until it reaches your septic tank or sewer system. However, even the simplest clogs in one of the main pipes could cause a whole bathroom system to become backed up. Which could result in toilet waste coming up through your shower/tub drain.

We at Richard Fox Plumbing will come out and give you a free estimate on any drain clog job. Whether it’s a simple sink clog or emergency black water over flow. We have the tools for all draining systems, including:

Bathroom Sink Drains:

Slow draining or clogged bathroom sinks are usually the result of loose hair, excessive dried up toothpaste, or soap and sludge. Even lost jewelry or kid toys can make their way down the smallest pipes and cause a back up.

Kitchen Drains:

Grease, soaps, and food waste (such as potato skins) can cause your kitchen sink and even the garbage disposal to drain slowly or not at all

Bathtub & Shower Drains:

The water in the bottom of your shower should drain immediately. Water pooling at your feet is a sign that your drain has a clog building up. The bathtub should drain within a few minutes after a bath. Built up body hair, soap, or children’s toys could clog in either bathtub or shower.

Toilet Drains:

When toilets gurgle or fill up with water rather then emptying when flushed are signs that toilet’s drain could be clogged up. Items like facial tissues and baby wipes don’t disintegrate the same way toilet paper does when flushed. We at Richard Fox Plumbing have specific tools that can grab the obstruction while cleaning the inside lining of you sewage pipes.

Main Sewer Pipe:

All small drains lead to bigger drains, which lead to larger MAIN sewer lines, that lead to your septic tank or the city’s sewer. Over the course of time, plant and tree roots looking for water and nutrients can make there way through the joints in the drain lines where the pipes connect. These roots start out small but can grow to taking over the whole pipe. See our Sewer Repair Service section